A Division Rules

UpdatedWednesday March 28, 2018 byAmy Billetta.

T-Ball Rules

Updated March 2018 by SFYAL. 


SFYAL League Rules

Tee Ball (4 & 5 year olds)


  • To provide guidelines & recommendations for play in the “A” (Single A) Division of Springford Youth Baseball. The rules provided are a living document and coaches are encouraged to provide to continue the evolution of game play.

Game Play:

  • This division is scheduled to play 8 games.  The first 4 games will be played as Tball, the remainder of the season will be coach pitch – coaches throwing overhand.  It is recommended to start coach pitch during practice as soon as players are ready to ease game transition. 

Game Time:

  • Games will last 4 innings or 50 minutes.


  • Coaches and/or Team Parents are the umpires for their team.


  • No more than 9 fielders should be on the field at anytime (6-7 infielders permitted), outfielders must play in the grass area.
  • No player is to play the same position twice in a game. Each inning, the defensive players must play a different position each inning.
  • No (3) out rule.
  • To record an out, the kids should throw the ball when normally required, (unless the ball is hit to) to first base. Players should not run and tag base runner. This will eliminate collisions at the bags with multiple runners on base.
  • No plays at the plate.
  • Two (2) defensive coaches may position themselves in outfield. Coaches should be positioned on the grass lip between the infield and outfield.


  • Bat the entire line-up each inning. Change/rotate Line-up each inning.
  • No base is permitted for overthrown balls.
  • No walks.
  • If a runner is out, they may stay at the base they were moving to when the out was recorded.
  • There can be only two (2) offensive base coaches on the field (first and third bases).
  • Every offensive player must wear a helmet when batting or running the bases.
  • The manager or a coach will tee-up the ball for the batter and is permitted (and encouraged) to instruct the batter at home plate.
  • No bunting is allowed.
  • No base stealing is allowed.
  • There are no strikeouts. It is suggested that if the player is struggling to hit the ball off the tee that after a mutually agreed upon number of swings the player take first base.
  • There is no infield fly rule.

Record Keeping:

  • Scores will not be kept.