AA Rules

UpdatedThursday April 5, 2018 byAmy Billetta.

SFYAL League Rules

Coach/Machine Pitch (6  & 7 year olds)


  • To provide guidelines & recommendations for play in the “AA” (Double A) Division of Springford Youth Baseball. The rules provided are a living document and coaches are encouraged to provide to continue the evolution of game play.

Game Play:

  • This division is scheduled to play 10 games. The first 2 games, using coach pitch rules as outlined below. 6 games the games will be played using provided pitching machines as outlined below and the final 2 games will be kid pitch, using only 7 year olds pitching a max of 1 inning per pitcher. 
  • All players must use a 2018 USA Baseball approved bat.  Any player not using an approved bat will automatically be out.  As soon as the batter steps into the batter’s box, they are considered in play. 

Game Time:

  • Game length is 60 minutes; please do not go beyond that timeframe. No inning shall start after 50 minutes of play, but inning should be completed if started.


  • Coaches will serve the umpires. Coaches shall umpire their respective teams.


  • No more than 6 infielders (Catcher, Pitching position, First base, Second base, Third base and Shortstop). No more then 4 outfielders. Outfielders must play in the outfield grass and stay there (backing up a bases is allowed but stay in the grass).
  • Defensive players must not play the same position for more then two (2) consecutive innings. No player is to play the same position more then three (3) times in a game.
  • All players must play at least one (1) inning in the outfield and one (1) inning in the infield.
  • No plays at the plate.
  • The three (3) out rule maybe suspended when coaches mutually agree. Three out rule shouldbe used after switching to machine at the midway point of the season.
  • To record an out, the kids should throw the ball when normally required, (unless the ball is hit to) to first base. Players should not run and tag base runner. This will eliminate collisions at the bags with multiple runners on base.
  • Up to two (2) defensive coaches may position themselves in outfield.



  • Bat the entire lineup each inning. Changing Line-up each inning is recommended. (please see 3 out rule under defense)
  • No advances on bases for overthrown balls.
  • No walks.
  • Batters/Runners that are out will return to the dugout.
  • There can be only two (2) offensive base coaches on the field (first and third bases).
  • Every offensive player must wear a helmet when batting or running the bases.
  • No bunting is allowed.
  • No base stealing is allowed.
  • There are no strikeouts unless previously agreed upon by coaches. Strikeouts should be implemented mid season based on a mutually agreed upon number of strikes. The league recommends no more then 5 strikes per at bat.
  • There is no infield fly rule.

Coach Pitching:

  • Overhand pitches may be thrown from one knee on the ground to put the pitcher at the same level as the batter. If the player is unable to hit the pitched ball after a pre-determined number of throws -- usually, five to seven -- the ball is placed on a tee and the player's turn continues.