AAA Rules

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AAA Rules

Updated, Friday March 2, 2018 by Brian Quinn 



Kid Pitch (ages 8 & 9)


  • To provide guidelines & recommendations for play in the “AAA” (Triple A) Division of Spring-Ford Youth Baseball. The rules provided are a living document and coaches are encouraged to provide to continue the evolution of game play.

Game Play:

  • This division is scheduled to play 10 games.
  • Pitching: An 8 or 9 year old may pitch a maximum of no more than 40 pitches in a game. See table for pitching guidelines for AAA division.




0 Days

1 Day

2 Days

3 Days






















  • A pitcher may finish a batter once they have begun pitching to that batter. If the pitch count carries over into another rest day it is permissible to count the rest from where the count where the pitcher began pitching. Example: an 8 year old is at 27 pitches and begins throwing to another batter and the pitch count runs to 33. The coach is permitted to count the rest from 27 pitches; so 2 days’ rest.


  • Coach must pitch an 8YO for a minimum of three batters or three outs during the regulation playing time of the game. If it is brought to the commissioner's attention that an 8YO did not pitch within the required regulation game time then the commissioner will discuss this infraction with the coach to ensure that it does not happen again.  If this happens twice with the same coach OR if this occurs during a playoff game and this is brought to the attention of the commissioner THEN the team committing the infraction will forfeit the game, however all pitch counts must be recorded.  


  • Each team will keep pitch count for their pitchers. At the end of each game, each coach will be responsible for reporting pitch counts to the commissioner. Pitch counts may be reported either by using provided forms (found in snack bar) or electronically to commissioner via league email.  While opposing coaches are not responsible for tracking opponent pitcher’s pitch count, this is encouraged. Both coaches should sign off on forms before turning them in to commissioner. This information must be reported either before the next league game or team practice; whichever is the first to occur. If this information is not provided the offending teams will not be permitted to either play or practice until the requirement is met. The commissioner will NOT police the turning in of these forms. Innings must be pitched consecutively.  Cannot pitch in 1st inning and then again in the 6th for example.


  • Pitching Distance: The pitching distance shall be 46 feet. 


  • Bat Regulations: All players must follow the 2018 USA Bat Guidelines as handed down from Cal Ripken Baseball/Babe Ruth.  It is the players, parents & coaches responsibility to make sure no other bats are used in any games.  Any bats without the USA logo (above the handle) may not be brought into the dugout.  The following penalties apply:


  • 1st offense- any player using an illegal bat will result in an automatic out (regardless if contact is made).  Once the batter steps into the batter's box with the illegal bat, the at-bat has started.
  • 2nd offense (in the same game)- if same player is caught using an illegal bat a 2nd time, the player will be disqualified from the rest of the game and receive an additional 1 game suspension.  Any time the player's spot in the lineup comes up for remainder of the game, it will be an automatic out.  The player and parents/guardians must meet with the commissioner of the division before being allowed to play again.
  • 2nd offense (in a separate game)- all offenses will be tracked with the pitchcount charts.  Any player caught in another game that has already had a 1st offense in a previous game, will receive a 1 game suspension.  The player and parents/guardians must meet with the commissioner of the division before being allowed to play again.
  • Batting Order: Every player present is placed in the batting order.  If a player is hurt and cannot continue in the game his spot will be skipped and no out recorded.


  • Playing Requirements: Every player in the line-up must play an infield and outfield position for a minimum of one inning.  No player may play one (same) position for more than 3 innings in a game. 
  • Game Time Limit: Games are scheduled for 6 innings or 2 hours of playA new inning will not be started after 1 hour 50 minutes from the scheduled start time. If the prescribed 6 innings is completed and the game is tied and the 1 hour and 50 minute time cut off has not been reached; an “additional inning may be played in an attempt to determine a winner. At the completion of the final inning, the game is over. If the extra inning cannot be competed in the prescribed 2 hours the game reverts back to the score of the last completed inning. Ties are acceptable. No exceptions outside of a playoff game.


  • Maximum Runs per Inning: A maximum of five (5) runs per half (1/2) inning except for homerun over the fence - all runs would count. For example:  4 runs have been scored, bases are loaded and a homerun is hit. Then that team would have 8 runs for the inning. Last inning is NOT unlimited runs, last inning max runs is 5 runs.


  • 10 Run rule: The 10 run rule will be in effect after four (4) complete innings or 3 ½ innings if the home team is ahead.  If the outcome of the game has been determined in the 5thinning due to the maximum of 5 runs allowed per inning, the coaches may mutually agree to finish the game.  The final score and outcome of the game is official once the run limit has been reached – even if play is continued.


  • Defense: Defense will consist of ten (10) players, including four (4) outfield positions.  Outfield positions will be played in the grass at a reasonable depth (15 feet or more from the infield dirt).  No outfield position should be playing in close proximity to the infield (no short-fielder).


  • Advancing Runners: Runners shall not advance and play shall be halted when the pitcher takes possession and is in proximity of the mound. If the pitcher receives the ball and throws to another fielder the play can continue.


  • Bunting: Shall not be permitted in the AAA division. Any attempt to bunt will result in a warning by the umpire. Any repeated infraction will result in the player receiving a strike even if contact is made and the ball is put in play.


  • Intentional Walks-Intentional walks are not permitted.


  • Dropped 3rd Strike-A runner shall not run on a dropped third strike. The strike shall be counted and the runner is out.


  • Halfway to Base: The umpire shall determine the placement of base runners by deciding whether or not a base runner was more than halfway to the next base. If not, the runner shall return to the previous base.


  • Base Stealing: Runners are allowed to steal 2nd & 3rd base with a maximum of 3 times per inning; one base per pitch, no advance on overthrows.  Runner may not steal until pitched ball crosses the plate.  Passed ball resulting in a steal counts toward the 3 per inning.  No stealing of home.


  • Courtesy Runners: Courtesy runner for catcher is optional with two (2) outs. The last player to make an out will be declared the courtesy runner.  This player must have a helmet on and be prepared to enter the game immediately


  • Sliding: Sliding is encouraged when a play is being made at a base.  A player must avoid contact at all times.  If any contact is made with a defensive player by the runner not sliding, that runner will be deemed out. No headfirst slides except returning to a base.  


  • Infield Fly: “Infield Fly Rule” is in effect.


  • Pre & Post Game: No pregame warm ups are permitted until the field is ready for game play. It is recommended that that the Home team prepare the field for game play including but not limited to any general maintenance the field needs like filling in holes, raking, etc. Putting out bases and the field has been lined appropriately. It is recommended that the Away team clean up the field post game, including but not limited to use of rakes to restore appropriate playing conditions, fill in holes and or divots. Additionally the groomer may be used when appropriate to prepare the field for future use.


  • Snack Bar- Each time will be given a snack bar schedule where the team will be responsible for covering given shifts during that time. This obligation is mandatory for the team and failure to provide any or adequate coverage will result in either the following outcomes:
    1. Coaches will cover any short shift even during game time.
    2. Responsible team may be required to forfeit game.