Opening Plan

UpdatedTuesday June 9, 2020 byAmy Billetta.

Good afternoon SFYAL Families!

We have some exciting news! SFYAL has opened registration for our Summer season! With the SFYAL area now in the yellow zone we are preparing for a change to green as early as June 19th. In the green phase of Governor Wolf's reopening plan, youth sports are permitted to resume. There will be some changes and some challenges with restrictions but we are excited to be able to get the kids out to play baseball and softball in a safe and fun environment.

Registration - As I said registration is open but we are on a very tight time schedule so we need all families that are interested in signing to do so by June 14th. This is a very small window but planning of schedules and teams will require knowing the number of participants. Register here:

Season Plan - All activities for SFYAL are only occurring if our area enters the "Green Phase" of the reopening process. Timing will be crucial for everything to go as planned. Our season will start when our area is in the Green phase and run until August 23rd. There is much planning to be done before activities can start which is highly dependant on knowing the number of players, I cannot stress enough how important it is to register as early as possible. Having this information will enable us to begin as quickly as possible once the area has entered the green phase.

I have attached the Covid 19 waiver, this waiver must be signed and sent back to prior to any access to the SFYAL facility's.


COVID 19 Procedures/Protocols
SFYAL will only begin activities, including practices and games once the SFYAL area has been updated to the "GREEN PHASE" of the PA Covid 19 reopening plan.
Parents/guardians will be limited to (2) spectators per player. Vulnerable populations should stay home.
SFYAL will restrict each diamond's attendance including all participants, ie players, coaches, officials, etc, not to exceed gatherings of 90.
Bleachers, benches, equipment & games balls are disinfected before and after every game and practice.
Sharing of equipment is strongly discouraged.
Players do not huddle together, no hand slaps/high fives. Sportsmanship continues in a touchless manner.
Batting team may have half the team in the dugout, utilizing 6ft distancing. The other half is outside the field, keeping 6 ft distancing.
SFYAL strongly encourages hand washing and healthy practices. Hand sanitizer will be made available in each dugout and the clubhouse.
No seeds, gum or spitting of any kind.
All participants & spectators are only permitted to be on the premises during their team's practices and games. Please leave immediately following the team's practices and games, SFYAL discourages any loitering due to Covid 19 and the social distancing policy.
No teams/group snacks permitted. Players must bring their own drinks (and snacks) that are clearly labeled.
Please note that the Concession Stand will NOT be open during this season. With playing in the summer months the temperatures will be higher than our normal spring time so please be sure to make sure you provide your child with enough refreshments to keep them safe and hydrated during their time at the facility.

Thank you for your time and patience during this unprecedented time. If you have any questions/issues with the registration timeline, safety protocols, or anything else please feel free to contact me. Looking forward to seeing everyone out on the field soon!

Thank you,
SFYAL President
Chad Strunk